Bespoke Money (Scotland) Ltd are an appointed representitive of Primis Mortgage Network, a trading name of First Complete Limited.  First Complete Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are committed to providing a professional service to all our customers.  If you are unhappy then we want to hear about it so we can try and put things right.   With this in mind, we have the following compaints procedure in place.

You can make a complaint by any reasonable means including telephone, letter or email.   Our contact information is:

write to:  Ian McFarlane, Barry Business Centre, Main Street, Barry, Carnoustie, DD7 6GP.

telephone: 0800 141 2654




If you prefer, you can also refer your complaint to PRIMIS directly using the following

contact details:

• Write to – PRIMIS Mortgage Network, Customer Resolution Team, Ground

Floor, Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YT.

• Telephone: 0121 767 1139

• Email:

You can also complain via their website:

The same section of the website contains more information about PRIMIS’ role in

complaints handling and about how Appointed Representative relationships work.

How we will handle your complaints

Simplified Complaints

We will use this process if:

• your complaint is about a simple matter – that we can look into and solve

quickly and easily; and

• you direct it to us (rather than directly to PRIMIS Mortgage Network) in the

first instance.


We will investigate your complaint and aim to resolve it within three business days

following the date of receipt. If you are happy to accept our proposed resolution, we

will send you written confirmation of our investigation.

If you cannot confirm acceptance by the end of the third working day (for example –

because you are not happy with our proposed response or if you are not available to

discuss it with us) then the case will be referred to PRIMIS Mortgage Network. It will

then be handled in line with the Formal Complaint process outlined below.

If your complaint is more complex or is unlikely to be resolved quickly then we will

usually refer it to PRIMIS straight away

Formal Complaints

The formal complaints process will be used where:

• we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 3 working days: or

• your complaint is likely to involve more complex assessment or investigations;


• you send your complaint directly to PRIMIS Mortgage Network rather than to

us in the first instance; or

• you ask us to deal with your complaint in this way rather than via a simplified


Upon receipt PRIMIS will acknowledge your complaint promptly and will investigate it

fairly and impartially. They will write to you within 8 weeks to confirm the outcome of

their investigation.

In the unlikely event that their investigation is not complete within eight weeks of

receipt of your complaint they will write to you to explain why and let you know when

you can expect to hear from them. They will also provide details of how to contact

the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are not satisfied with progress.

The Financial Ombudsman Service

If, following PRIMIS’ investigation you are still not happy with the outcome you have

a statutory right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service

It is a service free of charge to consumers and you may refer the matter to the

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) within six months from the date that you

received a final response to your complaint.

You can contact the service using the following details:

Telephone 0800 023 4567


You can also visit their website and refer complaints to them online by visiting.


Let us know if you need any extra help or support.

We are committed to providing a complaints service that is accessible to all our


If you will have any difficulties with any elements of the process that is outlined

above, or if there are circumstances that might mean we need to change the way in

which we handle your complaint then please let us know when you tell us about your



Privacy Policy

We have notified our processing of personal data under the Data Protection Act 2018.

We respect your personal privacy and will not use your personal information in any way that we would not accept ourselves. We have set out the following information about how we manage the personal information that we do collect.

Jurisdiction for use

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Governing law

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If you believe any information on this site is inaccurate or have any suggestions on how the content of this site could be improved please contact us at If you have questions on a particular product or service, please use the contact details shown for that product or service.


We will update the content of this notice from time to time. Please ensure that you visit this page regularly and refresh your browser to ensure your information is up to date.

Customer responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer is virus protected. Bespoke Money accepts no responsibility for any loss you may suffer as a result of accessing or downloading information from this site.

Accuracy and Validity of Information

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Privacy Statement

Bespoke Money is registered with the UK Data Protection Registrar and endeavours to follow all the guidelines and rules set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.

We will not disclose your personal details to any third parties unless it is necessary to do so. On those occasions when we do need to disclose personal information, such as preparing Key Facts Illustrations for you, processing your business, or obtaining compliance and regulatory advice, we will do so on a confidential basis and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Contact Details

If you have any comments or concerns regarding our privacy policy please contact us at

What we use personal data for

We collect personal data to enable us to identify you and to deliver personalised offers and promotions based upon your demographics and product purchase profile, and for the purposes of statistical analysis.

The information is used for system administration purposes and to form personalised profiles and demographics that we may use to improve the content of our communications to you. In order to collect customer use profiles, we do not use “cookies” to store and track information about your use of Bespoke Money.   If you would prefer not to receive communications from us, please tell us by email to

What we won’t do with your personal data

We will not sell, rent or disclose your personal details to any third parties, except:

– when required to do so by law

– in response to a valid legal request by a law enforcement officer or government agency

–  when you have explicitly or implicitly given your consent

Access to personal data

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 we are entitled to charge an administration fee for answering your request of £10. All requests for copies of personal information should be made in writing accompanied by the administration charge to the address below.

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